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Japanese knotweed faqs

How do I know that I have got knotweed on my property?

The quickest way would be to email a photo to info@weedtec.co.uk , send a photograph and we will email you back, with the answer.

Can I treat Japanese knotweed myself?

It is not uncommon for people to undertake Japanese knotweed removal & treatment without the assistance of a professional company. However, you will not be able to buy industrial strength herbicides or chemicals that are available to a licensed company and using ‘off the shelf’ inferior products can actually do more damage than good. Using off the shelf herbicides can appear to have good results but in most cases the plant grows back the following season much stronger, unless the right products/techniques are used this also makes the plant more difficult to remove by a professional company at a later date.

Duty of care

The landowner has a duty of care to stop it spreading to your property. However, resorting to law is often counter productive in our experience. Best to have a friendly word, pointing out the obvious advantages of having it dealt with. Give them our number and we can advise.

How can I control the spread of the seeds from Japanese knotweed?

There are no seeds on Japanese knotweed in this country, the plant is spread during ground disturbance and fly tipping.

What are the laws regarding Japanese Knotweed?

The laws and legislation regarding Japanese Knotweed differ depending on which part of the UK you are in. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 refers to England, Wales and Northern Ireland whereas Scotland is covered under the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011.

Although it is not against the law to have Japanese Knotweed on your land, the law states that it is an offence to cause it to spread. Due to the destructive nature of the invasive weed, if Japanese Knotweed spreads encroaches onto your neighbour’s land you can face a conviction, a fine of up to £5,000 and / or six months in prison.

In relation to the disposal of Japanese Knotweed, legislation states that Japanese Knotweed is classed as controlled waste and if not disposed of correctly may lead to prosecution under section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990. It must be taken to a licensed landfill site and if you are transporting Japanese Knotweed waste you need a Waste Carrier’s license. Failure to show the license can result in a Fixed Penalty Notice of £300.

Are the chemicals you use safe for pets?

Yes both to humans and pets, although some are prohibited in certain situations and would only be used under the correct circumstances. This is why a site visit is essential.

What is the cost of treating knotweed?

Each site is unique but we will give you a fixed cost quote within a day of the site visit. We have yet to be beaten off any of our reputable competitors.

Can I spread the cost of works?

Yes we offer stage payments. We also have credit/debit card facilities.

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