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Buddleia (Buddlejadavidii) is a popular garden plant which is also known as the “Butterfly bush”. It was introduced into the UK from China in the 1890s, and though it has become widely naturalised on waste ground, along railway lines, and in towns, it is often found growing in gardens, completely unprompted.

The familiar,and aesthetically pleasing, purple flowers of Buddleia bloom from June to October, and attract all kinds of butterflies and moths looking for nectar sources, particularly in urban areas. Its winged seeds arespread by the wind,making it easy for the plant to colonise on stony ground.

Buddleia is a very familiar plant that has large, drooping, soft spikes of purple or whiteflowers. It has long, narrow leaves, and the flowers have a honey-like fragrance. Like Japanese Knotweed, Buddleia is a plant that can easily be removed. It is an invasive type of plant and will grow to be slightly unyielding if left unchecked.

Greater Manchester is the home of our invasive plant removal services, meaning that we at Weedtec have easy access to main road in the UK, and can assist with your Buddleia removal and control needs wherever you are.

Our invasive plant solutions are some of the best in the industry, and we take pride in being able to control your invasive plants, without affecting any of the flowers that you’ve planted yourself.

For land that can be free of invasive plants like Buddleia and Japanese Knotweed, enquire to us today, and our team of specialists will get back to you as soon as possible to assist in the eradication of unwanted plants in your garden or on your property. Because Buddleia has so many variations, it can be difficult to pinpoint whether or not the plant you’ve discovered is Buddleia, but our Weedtec team will easily be able to identify it with a quick home visit, free of charge.

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